September 09, 2009

Getting rid of the "Purple Fringe"

It's been a while since I last posted, due to the holiday season and my overall busy-ness (and business), so I'm glad to be back posting, hopefully on a more regular basis.
Ideally I would be writing about basic Photoshop post production tips first and slowly moving up to the more advanced techniques, but as the dreaded "purple fringe" problem is as widespread as the type-A you-know-what, I decided to write up a quick n' simple tutorial on how to get rid of it.

July 02, 2009

Understanding image resolution

Resolution is one of the most misunderstood terms used in digital imaging, among both enthusiasts and professionals alike.
To get the ball rolling on this topic, I’m gonna just come right out and say something that might get the odd raised eyebrow, but nevertheless true: “DPI (resolution) is practically irrelevant until you want to print your image”.

July 01, 2009

Welcome to Extramedia's blog

Initially I was planning on setting up a page on our main website dedicated to helping customers with photography related issues. Not a troubleshooting page, but rather a place where visitors can learn something new about photography, photoshop, the entrails of digital imaging and the likes. It became obvious why this idea wasn´t the best, for the simple reason that I wouldn´t be getting any feedback from the readers, which I like to use as my compass. So blogging seemed the way to go. And here I am. My name is Nick Kilford, I am a communication designer and an exclusive stock photographer at iStockphoto. Also co-owner and manager at, located in Lisbon, Portugal.

Why are you publishing in english?
Well, although I'm fluent in portuguese, english is, in fact, my native language. It's the language I feel most comfortable expressing myself in. Also, I believe I'll be able to reach more readers by using english and I know most tugas can handle it pretty well (yeah, we're a smart bunch!). Nevertheless, you might find a splash of portuguese here and there.

What can readers expect from this blog?
Photography talk in general, stock photography in particular, articles written by moi, others written by other professionals, photo editing tutorials, printing, links to interesting stuff on other blogs, interviews, creativity, book recommendations, videos and everything to do with digital imagery.
Language used will have an informal tone, as I want this blog to be a sideway step outside the main site, where the sharing of knowledge and ideas is paramount. I have been a designer for 10 years now, a stock photographer for almost 3, have been using Photoshop since version 5 on a regular basis and been running a printing business for 3 years. So, although I may know a trick or two in these areas, I believe that learning is an endless road and I'm certainly gonna pick up a few things along the way.
I will post as frequently as time allows and will try to answer all questions thrown my way ASAP and to the best of my knowledge, so before you start sending me hate mail, please gimme a couple 'a days.